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They are perceived by some people to be shallow. Though, they are rarely angry even when circumstances force them to be so. But, at times they can become furious.

All About Libra Personality

The Libra horoscope shows that they also have a great tendency to gossip. Also, they take great pleasure in getting to know about every scandal within their known circle.

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This is true for males and females alike. Lastly, they love to spend and to live life extravagantly.

Libra Traits

This may lead to minor financial troubles. The male can become an irreparable gambler while the female may degenerate into a jealous social spendthrift. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Both Libra and Gemini are air signs, and that makes for proper compatibility. Test Now! Relationship with Virgo would be a roller coaster ride for the Libra star sign. The relationship, where two Librans are involved, would be very exhausting as both are highly energetic and over demanding.

The Libra zodiac sign would find it hard to match the forcefulness of Scorpio. The organized nature of Capricorn may appeal to Libra a lot, but only in the short run. Both Libra and Aquarius are attracted to unusual people.

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They love excitement and may be what you call made for each other! Libra and Pisces love compatibility is sensitive and emotional. But they will not get along together in the long run. Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Libra zodiac sign people have an inherent craving for a partner since they hate being single and moving alone.

Moreover, the Scales will always desire peace and harmony. They would like to imbibe this in their romantic relationships as well. This is due to their style of dressing attractively and speaking in a charming fashion. Librans also want to be admired and loved.

They will also do everything to keep their partners happy. But, they will always try to achieve it in a way that they think is just and fair. Libra star sign people revel in being in love.

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  6. They love to be admired for their beauty and appreciated by their lovers. They also enjoy the pleasant state of mental harmony that love brings with it. What is avoided at all costs is to avoid confrontation with their lovers. Your gourmet and sugar addictions don't help matters. Work with a nutritionist to balance your diet and a Reiki master to unblock energy in your root chakra. Stock your life with coaches, trainers, and motivational supporters.

    You love to be comfortable and can veer toward laziness—keep people around to give you a little push. Ruler: Venus, the planet of love, elegance, and timeless beauty. Your gifts: radiant optimism, peacekeeping, advanced social skills. Your issues: conflict avoidance, obsession over details, superficiality.

    Your saving grace: your innate sense of justice. Your path: to usher forth the spirit of universal love and harmony. Your fashion inspiration: Valentino , Chanel. Love 'em: Pisces , Aquarius. Notsomuch: Taurus , Virgo. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'. Caroline Calloway's Next Act?

    Being a calm and cold person he is optimistic too. He will not react angrily on you very soon, but will definitely get deeply hurt if you injure him with your bitter words. He is extreme aggressive when his limitations of tolerance is over. You will not see a Libra man working causally. He, in fact, always works with fine strategies. But the only problem he has is that he can't find a relevant solution. His decision-making ability is quite low. And due to this he thinks deeply to take any decision.

    If anyone challenges his opinions or argues its difficult for him to digest.

    Libra Traits-Positive and Negative characteristics |

    A Libra man has selective taste, leaning towards the expensive and finest quality. For him, everything should be in order, neat and clean. He dislikes going in dirty places. Mostly Libra men are unhealthy. You can notice illness or health problems in Libra. They are always concerned about their health.

    Sickness, virus effect cough and cold are common problems found in a Libra man. A Libra man is highly spiritual and believer of God, but often he is also superstitious and believes on supernatural thing. He is devoted for both family and society. He loves maintaining his reputation. His Charming personality can captivate you or can win your heart. Being a life-partner he is a complete man. Without telling he will understand your desires. With him you will always get immense love and respect.

    Gemini or Aquarius lady is compatible with a Libra man. The good thing you can find in him that he will hear you carefully and will not contradict when you're right. However his patience is limited. If you notice or give your full attention to him he'll always be happy and maintain harmonious relationship with you. Most Libra men are highly career-oriented and want to reach the zenith of success.