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Hindu astronomy is called Jyotisha in Sanskrit.

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It means the Science of Light or of celestial objects. Astrology called "Phalit Jyotisha" - is a subsidiary branch of the same. Its relationship with astronomy is akin to that of technology to basic or pure science. It is a well-developed system that has evolved over several centuries both in the east and the west. It is believed that astrology originated in India and has been practiced continuously for more than years.

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The western world is also influenced by Indian astrological practices. The expertise of astrologers in the country does not confine itself to merely foretelling the future but also extends to prescribing remedial measures 'through use of gems and other spiritual guidance to ward off or dilute the malefic influences of planets. The pronounced IT orientation of the modern era too is finding increasing application in the astrological sciences thereby precluding the possibility of human error in forecasting and making for higher levels of accuracy.

A number of researches are taking place in the field of astrology, vastu and allied sciences. The findings of these researches should be known to the common man as well as fellow astrologers so that they can improve their predictions. Nakshatra is the best platform to present these researches and new findings.

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  5. Nakshatra will also provide information on various approaches to spiritual growth, while projecting the importance of living in harmony with nature and environment and the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Presenting efforts of Institutions in using modern scientific techniques in computing the astrological calculations and predictions through computer.

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    But the 8th time requires different kinds of effort. People these days are blindly doing Homas and wearing Gems. Pariharas are best done in person but when it is practically not possible, establish a connection through meditation when Parihara is done on your behalf through Sankalpa. I believe in enriching your day to day life with simple acts like meditation and pranayamam and being with the self through which one can figure out the self!

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    Reading of an horoscope is not just by looking at the Rashi chart. Its also the Navamsha chart that matters. Also on which Nakshatra the planets are posited matters.

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    There are very few astrologers giving importance to this these days. Many people come to me asking for predictions with only one question and a 10 minute consultation and I refuse because it is not possible to answer by reading just one Bhava.

    A consultation requires minimum 30 minutes. So if you are someone looking for a 10 minute consultation and one question then this site may not help you.